The Walking Dead: A

Woah, man. That was an intense finale. Action packed, fast paced, and definitely left us wanting more. In fact, I don’t think it could have left us hanging any harder if it tried. Some of our questions were answered… actually, the answers to our questions were more like, hinted at, while more questions were piled on top. So while we might not know much about the fate of our rag tag group of survivors, we do know this: next season is going to start off with a bang.

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“Everything Works Out the Way it’s Supposed To”

Holy. Shit. When the producers let it leak that The Walking Dead would air it’s most controversial episode ever this season, I assumed it would be about Lizzie, but I did not think it would go down like this. I am most definitely shocked. And a little shaken up. What started out looking like a relatively boring episode (I’m really not a fan of kids in the apocalypse), ended up being way intense. And the performances that these actors brought just blew me out of the water. Bravo to everyone involved. Let’s look back at the insanity that happened, shall we?

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The Walking Dead: Claimed

See, THIS is what I’m talking about. Two excellent stories flowing seemlessly between one another. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead did just that, and it was fantastic. Some great plot development happened, without seeming rushed, and we got to see deeper into some of our favourite characters, as well as some of the new guys. I really dug this episode, and it totally keeps up to the high bar the midseason premiere set 2 weeks ago.
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The Walking Dead: Inmates

I’m not sure I stressed how much I enjoyed last weeks episode in the last recap. I really liked it. The ebb and flow between Michonne and Carl’s story seemed seemless, and while both stories packed in some serious plot, it never felt rushed. I’m reiterating this because in comparison, this week fell short. Really short. Sure, it was great to be reassured that the other group members were alive, and it was nice to see Carol again (Carol’s back!), but with so many seperate stories packed into 40 minutes of television, it left something to be desired.

(pictured: the lesser known siblings from the Overlook Hotel)

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The zombies are back!

Last Sunday, months after we watched them lose the prison, we were reunited with our favourite zombie apocalypse survivors. In the first of what I’m sure will be several single character episodes, we spent this episode with a dysfunctional Rick and Carl, and an emotionally distraught Michonne, leaving up wondering about the fate of the rest of the group.


(I feel like it goes without saying that there are spoilers ahead, but in case you accidently found yourself reading a recap of the 4th midseason premier, SPOILERS AHEAD!)
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The Walking Dead: Indifference

When the world is crumbling around you, and the dead have started shuffling around, looking to rip open your intestines for a snack, holding on to anything is not the best idea. Tying yourself down to a person, place, or thing (so really any noun is a bad idea), can make you vulnerable in a post apocalyptic world. Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on just that: letting go. From letting go of a backpack to letting go of your humanity, it’s fair to say that last night presented itself as a bit of a game changer.

(image courtesy of AMC)

               (image courtesy of AMC)

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The Walking Dead: Isolation

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers from this past week’s episode of The Walking Dead, thus considering any episode before that fair game. If you have fallen behind in any capacity, I highly recommend not reading. You have been warned.

The running theme of this season of The Walking Dead seems to be death. A lot of people have died this season. A lot. Like, over twenty dead in only three episodes. But here’s the thing: I don’t care about any of them.

When the bus full of Governor refuges pulled up to the prison at the end of last season, I was full of mixed emotions. One part of me was like, “Oh that’s nice”, a la Community‘s Shirley, while another part of me was all, “that’s the single stupidest thing you could have done”. I understand the need to preserve mankind (or, as my mother says, people kind) during the apocalypse, but what about self-preservation? The crew has a pretty solid set up in the prison, and now they’re bringing in more mouths to feed?

Well, it seems like the producers weren’t really thinking about more mouths to feed so much as more random people to kill off. While the first episode featured many new, nameless people in the prison, last week didn’t really showcase any of them. They all dead. And since they were all nameless, did anybody really care that they died? If I’ve learned anything from years of being a devoted Joss Whedon fan, it’s that the death of one character you care about has a hell of a lot more of an impact than the mass slaughter of anonymous extras. I was really worried that The Walking Dead producers had forgotten this fact and were just going to spend the season killing random people, while our beloved characters all remained safe. This week however, that all changed. Continue reading