“Everything Works Out the Way it’s Supposed To”

Holy. Shit. When the producers let it leak that The Walking Dead would air it’s most controversial episode ever this season, I assumed it would be about Lizzie, but I did not think it would go down like this. I am most definitely shocked. And a little shaken up. What started out looking like a relatively boring episode (I’m really not a fan of kids in the apocalypse), ended up being way intense. And the performances that these actors brought just blew me out of the water. Bravo to everyone involved. Let’s look back at the insanity that happened, shall we?

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Geography of Global Conflict

This show is absolutely brilliant. Not only is it downright hilarious, but it has the unique ability to take normal situations and make them absurd, and take ridiculous situations and make them seem like they’re based in reality. This week had a little taste of both, as Annie finds her Greendale nemesis, and Brita gets in touch with her bitchy protest-y side… or as Troy puts it, she “woke up on the normal side of the bed this morning”.

Annie Vs. Annie (Kim)

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Phil On Wire

How do you set a good example for your kids? What do we do for the people we love to show them we care? These were the running themes in last week’s Modern Family, and while it wasn’t as funny as the previous two episodes, it definitely had some moments. Who knew Phil tightrope walking would be so brilliant?

Unlike the previous two episodes, this week’s stories were much more segregated, only intersecting thematically. While these episodes definitely work, I find them less appealing since some stories are always much stronger than others. In the case of this episode, Jay and Gloria’s story line fell very, very short.

Because all tightrope walkers wear a suit and tie.

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I Am Unicorn

Damnit Glee, as soon as I was set to hate on you all season you go and bring back Idina Menzel. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of things for me to bitch about on the show, but she will not be one of this… even though her story line is a little weak and they never let her sing enough, I get Idina on my TV which makes me a happy camper.

Idina aside however, this week was a little lackluster.  There was some serious plot development, albeit a little contrived, but only three musical numbers… all of which were solos. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t watch Glee for the brilliant dialogue and character development. I watch Glee for fun musical numbers and great choreography, neither of which were present this week. It seems like this year has taken a much more somber tone, and I’m not agreeing with it. At all.

Idina back on my TV can never be bad

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Heroes and Villains

Castle took a massive turn to the nerd side this week, and it was fantastic. When a masked vigilante takes down a skeevy dude, the team has to put their comic book thinking caps on to catch him. As it turns out, sometimes reading the Marvel classics can come in handy when you’re solving a murder. The episode was great, especially if you can appreciate the references. I loved it. However there were a lot of false accusations and red herrings, more than in a usual Castle episode (I’m pretty sure Gates told the mayor they had their guy on multiple occasions, only to be proven wrong), so I’ll do my best to be concise, but you know me… I tend to ramble. SO let’s just get right to it, shall we?


Not your typical murder case...

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Biology 101

Over the summer, I watched the first two seasons of Community… in just over a week. I drank that show up like it was vodka and I was Chelsea Handler, and I loved every second of it. It is by far one of the funniest shows on television, and if you haven’t seen it before, you are missing out. The ensemble cast, the premise, and the absolutely absurd storylines make for phenomenal television. If you have Netflix, it’s on there right now. Go watch. I’ll wait…

Season 3 opened with a massive musical number that included the whole cast singing about how they’re going to be less crazy this year. Of course the whole thing happened in Jeff’s head, which leads me to believe this year is going to be all sorts of crazy.

Case and point on the whole crazy thing.

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When Good Kids Go Bad

Modern family graced us with a double episode last week, and after the hilarity of Dude Ranch, I didn’t think they’d be able to keep up the laughs.  Holy hell did they prove me wrong.  The second episode was just further evidence as to why this show swept the Emmy’s: hilarious, good old fashioned family fun.

How are they going to top the Lion King themed announcement from when they adopted Lily?

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