Tonight, on The Walking Dead

Well here we are kids. The final hours before The Walking Dead finale. Before we’re left for months wanting more, wanting answers; feeling alone and abandoned without our favourite zombie apocalypse. How will the show end tonight? Who will be left standing? And what, in God’s name, is Terminus? 

A lot happened last week, but I won’t bore you with the details. My recaps have become long winded as of late, because I’m not really writing about anything else, and I have zero filter when it comes to words in any form. Seriously, have you ever had a conversation with me? I should have a Britta Filter installed in my face so I’ll keep things to myself.

Anyways, to sum up the happenings of last week, Glenn and Tara managed to finally catch up to Maggie (their reunion was tearjearkingly heartwarming), Eugene made the executive decision to continue with them to Terminus, which they finally reach, Daryl is hanging out with those mean dudes (who shall henceforth be known as The Marauders), and they are hot on the trail of the Grimes’ crew.

Now the finale is set up with a few questions to answer. Most importantly, what is Terminus? Sure they’ve got pretty gardens and were greeted by Tasha Yar, but there’s no way it’s all sunshine and lollipops. That’d be too easy. My guess is it’s a religious cult of some kind. No place is that calm and welcoming without having some cultish undertones. I also think they’re the people who scooped up Beth a few weeks ago, and are keeping her captive for some reason or another. What their sinister motive is, I’m not sure. I doubt they’re walker worshippers, because we just crossed that bridge with Lizzie. Maybe it’s some kind of Handmaid’s Tale deal, and they’re fanatics trying to repopulate the earth. Or maybe they’re super into human sacrifices to appease their hippie god? Whatever it is, these people are going to turn out to be bad news.

On the other hand, it could be all peace and puppy dogs, and The Marauders come in and fuck it up. But again, that’s been done with the two season long showdown with The Governer. I do think that we’re going to see these baddies catch up to Rick, Carl, and Michonne though, which is going to put Daryl in a really tight spot. While it would be shocking to see the confrontation kill a main character, I do think the show runners would be bananas to kill off another member of the Grimes’ family, or do in the fan favourites, Michonne and Daryl.

There’s no way all of the characters will make it out of this season alive though. If past finales have taught us anything, the final episode is where we’re going to feel the most grief. From the CDC, to Shane, to Andrea, the finales have not been kind to our group of survivors. So the question is, who will be featured on the In Memorial tonight on The Talking Dead? My money is definitely on either Sasha or Bob. They’re both minor enough characters that the audience won’t give more than a “aww shucks”, but important enough to someone else that they can act as an emotional catalyst for another character. I also worry about the fate of Beth. Sure we got to know her a lot this season, but was it just to make us hurt more when she dies? It will destroy Maggie, do some serious damage to Daryl, and cause some devastation amonst the viewers. Kind of the perfect recipe for a death on this show.

But in the end, who really knows? Even as a reader of the comics, I have no idea what’s going to happen tonight. All I can say for sure is that I’ll probably be stress eating throughout the hour, I may throw something in the final ten minutes, and the level of profanity coming out of my mouth will escalade as the finale marches on.

Anyone else have any ideas of what will happen tonight?


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