The Walking Dead: Claimed

See, THIS is what I’m talking about. Two excellent stories flowing seemlessly between one another. This week’s episode of The Walking Dead did just that, and it was fantastic. Some great plot development happened, without seeming rushed, and we got to see deeper into some of our favourite characters, as well as some of the new guys. I really dug this episode, and it totally keeps up to the high bar the midseason premiere set 2 weeks ago.

We’re back with the Grimes gang this week in their little slice of mansion heaven. Finally reunited, Carl and Michonne joke over breakfast about soy milk, and how gross Carl thinks it is. It’s all fun and games until Carl mentions he’d rather drink Judith’s formula than soy milk (he’s obviously never had a soy chai latte aka heaven on earth), and then he chokes up, realizing his sister is “dead”. He closes off and walks away, and RIck thanks Michonne for making his kid laugh for the first time since the prison. It’s a sweet moment until he tells her to be Carl’s BFF, which is like, no pressure but you’re all he has.

In need of supplies, Carl and Michonne head on a run while a still injured Rick continues to convoless. The duo hit a pretty sweet house, and find the jackpot: CRAZY CHEESE!! Unfortunately, no one makes “the leaning tower of cheese-a“, but Michonne does a pretty solid walker impression. When Carl fails to laugh, she starts to open up to him. As they scavenge another house, she tells him about her son Andre, who was still a toddler when shit hit the fan. Carl says that he’s sure Andre and Judith are playing together in baby heaven… anyone see an emotional breakdown for Michonne when they find out Judith’s still alive? That is, unless Lizzie kills her first.

The supply run goes pretty smoothly, except for the creepy pink family suicide room of death Michonne finds – the previous owners of the house decided to die together rather than face potential suffering alone. They lie in beds holding hands, with one person sitting in a chair near by, all with massive bullet holes in their heads. For some rason the family decided that this would best be played out in a pepto-bismol pink room, which makes what could be morbidly sweet, just straight up morbid. No room should be that pink.

Back at home, Rick is having a nice little nap, until he awakens to voices and footprints in his house. Quickly, he grabs his stuff and slides under the bed. He waits there, not making a noise, while one of the maurauders jumps on the bed to have a nap. Suddenly, dudes nap is interupted by another guy. Since this is the biggest bed in the house, and these guys are just raging specimen of testosterone, they resove to fisticuffs to decide who gets to nap there. Guy number 2 wins and throws the first guy in a chokehold and knocks him out, but not before he can see Rick hiding under the bed.

Once the bed fight victor passes out, Rick makes a move for the door. With more testosterone rumbling around downstairs, he looks for a window to climb out of. He makes a break for the bathroom, but is met by a big guy on the can. The two fight, and in an effort to keep his presence in the house quiet, Rick strangles the guy to death.

Now let me interupt for a second to ask a quiestion. The guy Rick fights was clearly sitting on the toilet when he walks into the bathroom, but his pants are 100% on. I mean, even if they weren’t, at no point during the struggle is his fly undone, or do his pants drop. What do you do in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, with your pants fully on? Please, enlighten me!

Anyways, Rick cracks the door to the bathroom before slipping out the window, and makes his way to behind the porch. Before he make a run for it, Gary Busey’s twin comes to chill on the veranda with a srink and some chew. Rick spots Carl and Michonne returning from their supply run, so he needs to think fast. Luckily, he already did. The guy he killed upstairs has made his return from the dead causing some havoc in the house, bringing everyone inside and upstairs, and allowing him to grab Michonne and Carl to make a run for it.

Their run eventually takes them to the train tracks, and they too stumble on the sign for Terminus. With the promise of sancutary too tempting, they decide to make their way there. Group reunion soon?

Our other story this week takes us to Glenn and Tara on the highway. They make a quick pit stop to kill some walkers, which Abraham does with a gleeful smile on his face (only mildly disconcerting). Back on the move, we see Tara writing every turn they take on her hand, when Glenn comes to. Furious that he’s been taken away from the general region of Maggie, he forces Abraham to stop.

Abraham refuses to let him go, because his mission is more important. See, one of his passengers, the beautifully mulleted Eugene, knows what caused the apocalypse and thus, knows how to stop it. He just needs to get to Washington. So why would Abraham let an able bodied person go save his wife, when instead he could help save the world she lives in? Plus, based on the odds of the apocalypse, Maggie is probably dead. Well that’s just Glenn’s last straw and he gives Abe the good ol’ right-left.

The girls try to break up the fight… oh right, there’s a lady in Abraham’s entourage: his wife, Rosita. Wearing booty shorts, hoop earings, and pigtails, she looks like a mix of Lara Croft and Baby Doll from Suckerpunch. AKA the manly apocalypse wet dream. Very reasonable. Anyways, while the fight/breakup up of said fight is going on, zombies start wandering out of a goddamn CORN FIELD, because they weren’t creepy enough already. Being the only one not already involved in violence, Eugene picks up an assault rifle and starts spraying bullets everywhere. This breaks up the brawl, and a zombie killing spree begins.

Once the walkers are all cleared out, the group notices there has been one more casualty: their vehicle. Eugene’s brilliant stormtrooper like aim has killed their van beyond repair. With no way to take them forward, Glenn begins to backtrack to find Maggie. Tara follows suit, and Rosita goes after them, since they’ve got nothing else to do. Abraham contests, but Eugene tells him that they knew behind them is safer than whatever lies ahead; they’ll find another way to Washington later. Plus, he plainly explains that he’s smarter than Abraham so he should probably listen to him. Since he can’t argue with that, Abraham follows Glenn, and Eugene takes up the rear, with a super creepy Stephen Harper-esque smile sprawed across his face.

I totally dug this episode. We’ve got all of our characters on the move, possibley toward the same place, and we’ve got some new villians. I mean, sure, Rick left those angry mauraders behind, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t cross paths with another member of the group. And I’m assuming the next encounter won’t be as peaceful.

We got to see more of Abraham and his crew, and see the dynamic amongst them. Who is this Eugene dude, and how can he save the world? What caused all of the zombies? How come his mullet hasn’t grown out during the apocalypse?

I’m excited to see how all of these stories pan out and intertwine in coming weeks. Should be good, kids.


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